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Andy Bokanev: CX Japan

Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 06 September 2017

Growing up in Russia, sports were a constant presence on TV. Not just soccer and hockey, neither of which really interested me as a kid, but F1, rally and bike racing, all of which looked like a lot more fun than those other team sports. I had no idea what was happening, but I was fascinated by the culture and grandeur of it all. The first sports related thing that made an impression on me was the death of Ayrton Senna. Through my teenage years music and playing the drums took over as my main focus and I did not return to motorsports or cycling until my late twenties.

I started taking photographs when I moved to Seattle. I don’t know if it was the environment around us – the ocean and the mountains – but I wanted to capture it. Once I got the landscape bug out of my system, I realized that I really liked taking photographs of the activities I was into. So when I really fell for cycling it was a natural transition. It actually started with me bringing a camera to some of the cyclocross races that we have here in Seattle and grew from there. – Andy Bokanev

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