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Soigneur Cycling Journal 18

Tekst Soigneur Gepubliceerd 04 December 2017

Photography special, published December 2017.

The 210 pages of Soigneur Cycling Journal 18 are filled with photos by renowned photographers. We’ve selected our favourite photo sets of the past year, basing our selection on the beauty and tantalising quality of the photos. The galleries in #18 give a wide view of what is happening in the world of cycling. From the States to Romania. From pro to amateur.

Cover shot by Russ Ellis (@cyclingimages).

Here’s a preview of the contents –

> Sky High, Tour de France 2017 by Russ Ellis

> Sibiu Cycling Tour by Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

> Schaal Sels by Kristof Ramon

> TransAtlanticWay Ireland by James Robertson

And much more, including:

> Among the Giants, the wild roads of Slovenia by Brazo de Hierro
> Sean Hardy Portfolio
> Bicycle Landscape by Yorit Kluitman
> New York Cyclo Cross by Daghan Parker

Plus stories by: Herbie Sykes, Tom Southam, Max Leonard, Richard Abraham, Morten Okbo, Michael Barry and Adam Phelan.

Your can order your copy of Soigneur Cycling Journal 18 through our webshop, or get Soigneur at your local book/bike store.

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